Polyester thread manufacturer has really bizarre ideas when she is high and winning bets

Kerry Perrie started her career as a lifestyle correspondent at a national newspaper, then she went on to become a marketing consultant at Coca Cola and now she owns a business that manufactures polyester threads.

Kerry Perrie feels really happy that Julian Assange has been arrested because she was once and forever banned from editing articles on Wikipedia due to spam related activities back in the day when she used to work as a lifestyle correspondent at the newspaper. Kerry Perrie claims that their bosses used to force them to commit spam activities on Wikipedia but the attitude of Wikipedia while banning Kerry and other co-workers was really rude.

Being highly educated, Kerry says that the ones that never went to the high school mostly act like a scholar and the same pisses her off.

Kerry is amazed at how the Austria’s glass industry is rising so rapidly while that of the the Italy has been declining so fast. Kerry claims that the Republic of China is soon going to be the leader in almost all major global industries including machine building and glass industry.

Kerry has objection with the places named after the politicians. She says that Kennedy is not credible enough to have a Space Centre named after himself.

Kerry is not ashamed of telling her high tales. When once high, Kerry was gambling online (Judi Online) and that’s when she crossed the mark of winning over 25000 USD with betting in one seating alone, she got so excited that she started making extraordinarily major plans then and there. she said that she wants to build a space shuttle rental service that will go to moon and mars. The rent would be in millions and she can become a billionaire this way. After that, when she woke up after 8 hours of deep sleep, she rolled out on the floor laughing.

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