SCR888 is the gambler’s land of opportunity and a senior content developer’s story stands here as a proof

Laura Smith is a Senior Content Developer at a major SEO agency whose CEO is her lifelong best friend who sometimes is thought to be Laura’s friend with benefits but Laura always rejects those accusations.

Being a senior content developer that is busy working all the time, Laura has something to say about everything. About India, Laura says that there is a lot of noise about the development everywhere in India but there is no groundwork that is going on in there. Laura claims to have lived in India for 6 months and while she was there she noticed that the sons and daughters of the parents that are wealthy enough were really great at their studies but the poor and middle-class weren’t. Later on when she did her research thoroughly, she discovered that most of those received intelligent genetics from their parents as India is a very tough place to live and you really need to be extremely intelligent and smart to make it there and the rest were the kids of the principals or teachers and these principals and teachers were notorious for providing their kids with great grades for nothing.

Laura says that one of the things that she has observed in the people that are great at making money is that they are not much logical. She says that all these people believe in going with the flow and don’t care much about the logic as the Centipede with 100 legs in one of Aesop’s fables.

Laura always takes advantage of her fluency in the Malay language and she recently discovered a gambling website – scr888, which has proven to be a goldmine for herself as she won enough money betting on it to buy herself rims made up of pure silver. Laura says that her next target is buying a car fully made of pure gold as she once saw in Moscow and fell in love with.

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