16 member strong joint American family enjoyed a trip to the NYC with that League Standings 1 money

Kenan Poeran’s family is one of the very rare in the United States of America as they are 16 members strong and still live in a joint family. The family recently enjoyed a trip to the New York City with the money that Kenan’s grandfather made with betting on Klasemen Liga 1 (League Standings 1).

The family really enjoyed dining at several different NYC restaurants including Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery, Katz’s, Daniel and The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Kenan’s mum got extremely nostalgic in the NYC about the concert of German Pop Singer – Sandra Cretu that she enjoyed watching live in the NYC back in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Sandra already had had a concert in the year 2017 in the New York City which was a big flop and she is not planning to come to NYC anytime soon. She is still missing listening to Sandra Cretu live so much that she is planning to visit Germany herself and her husband is calling her mad for it and that’s the only thing that is stopping her from flying all the way to Germany. Also, she is not sure whether she will sing German or English songs there, she doesn’t understand a word of the German language. She has been watching live concert videos of Sandra Cretu performing English songs all over the world on the Youtube and DailyMotion. She says that no matter what, she will listen to live again at least once before dying.

Kenan’s sister – Kelly enjoyed shopping at the Columbus Circle but found it expensive as well. She normally doesn’t care much about the price much if the quality of the product that she buys is good; her finding Columbus Circle stores expensive really speaks volumes.

The family says that they enjoyed their trip to the NYC so much that no matter whether one of them wins a bet or not again, they are going to fly all over to the NYC again in the winters of this year and they are already very excited about it.

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