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Associate Account Strategist at Google got the idea to have her own digital download service from a Casino Forum

Bessy Dolina is an Associate Account Strategist at Google. Bessy believes that Spiritism is the religion of the future.

Bessy lived in Vietnam for a long while where she observed that most of the young people belonging to the Hoa Hao religion in Vietnam are involved in Internet Marketing. Bessy also claims that a very small group of Vietnamese teenage boys from the Ho Chi Minh City are responsible for over 20, 000 popular spam websites. Bessy says that the same group of Vietnamese teenage boys has been selling SEO services on a website that goes by the name SEOClerks, just like they sell fishes in a fish market.

Bessy has been interested in the politics of Venezuela since Nicolas Maduro took over and she claims that the Venezuelans have been looking towards the USA for help but the USA has some other secret and mischievous plans instead. Bessy says that roughly about 2 million Venezuelans can be put under the category of lunatics but that doesn’t mean that the rest should suffer because of these lunatics.

One of Bessy’s great friends – Paola recently inaugurated her own completely yellow themed restaurant and the restaurant goes by the same name as well – YELLO. The restaurant became a big hit within only a matter of weeks. She told Bessy that advertising on magazines works as a great business promotional tool if used rightly. Paola also told Bessy that the newspaper and magazine advertising is still responsible for more sales than online advertising for most businesses and it is not as complex either.

Bessy recently created a digital download service inspired by another digital download service owner whom she met on a Casino Forum.

Polyester thread manufacturer has really bizarre ideas when she is high and winning bets

Kerry Perrie started her career as a lifestyle correspondent at a national newspaper, then she went on to become a marketing consultant at Coca Cola and now she owns a business that manufactures polyester threads.

Kerry Perrie feels really happy that Julian Assange has been arrested because she was once and forever banned from editing articles on Wikipedia due to spam related activities back in the day when she used to work as a lifestyle correspondent at the newspaper. Kerry Perrie claims that their bosses used to force them to commit spam activities on Wikipedia but the attitude of Wikipedia while banning Kerry and other co-workers was really rude.

Being highly educated, Kerry says that the ones that never went to the high school mostly act like a scholar and the same pisses her off.

Kerry is amazed at how the Austria’s glass industry is rising so rapidly while that of the the Italy has been declining so fast. Kerry claims that the Republic of China is soon going to be the leader in almost all major global industries including machine building and glass industry.

Kerry has objection with the places named after the politicians. She says that Kennedy is not credible enough to have a Space Centre named after himself.

Kerry is not ashamed of telling her high tales. When once high, Kerry was gambling online (Judi Online) and that’s when she crossed the mark of winning over 25000 USD with betting in one seating alone, she got so excited that she started making extraordinarily major plans then and there. she said that she wants to build a space shuttle rental service that will go to moon and mars. The rent would be in millions and she can become a billionaire this way. After that, when she woke up after 8 hours of deep sleep, she rolled out on the floor laughing.

SCR888 is the gambler’s land of opportunity and a senior content developer’s story stands here as a proof

Laura Smith is a Senior Content Developer at a major SEO agency whose CEO is her lifelong best friend who sometimes is thought to be Laura’s friend with benefits but Laura always rejects those accusations.

Being a senior content developer that is busy working all the time, Laura has something to say about everything. About India, Laura says that there is a lot of noise about the development everywhere in India but there is no groundwork that is going on in there. Laura claims to have lived in India for 6 months and while she was there she noticed that the sons and daughters of the parents that are wealthy enough were really great at their studies but the poor and middle-class weren’t. Later on when she did her research thoroughly, she discovered that most of those received intelligent genetics from their parents as India is a very tough place to live and you really need to be extremely intelligent and smart to make it there and the rest were the kids of the principals or teachers and these principals and teachers were notorious for providing their kids with great grades for nothing.

Laura says that one of the things that she has observed in the people that are great at making money is that they are not much logical. She says that all these people believe in going with the flow and don’t care much about the logic as the Centipede with 100 legs in one of Aesop’s fables.

Laura always takes advantage of her fluency in the Malay language and she recently discovered a gambling website – scr888, which has proven to be a goldmine for herself as she won enough money betting on it to buy herself rims made up of pure silver. Laura says that her next target is buying a car fully made of pure gold as she once saw in Moscow and fell in love with.

16 member strong joint American family enjoyed a trip to the NYC with that League Standings 1 money

Kenan Poeran’s family is one of the very rare in the United States of America as they are 16 members strong and still live in a joint family. The family recently enjoyed a trip to the New York City with the money that Kenan’s grandfather made with betting on Klasemen Liga 1 (League Standings 1).

The family really enjoyed dining at several different NYC restaurants including Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery, Katz’s, Daniel and The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Kenan’s mum got extremely nostalgic in the NYC about the concert of German Pop Singer – Sandra Cretu that she enjoyed watching live in the NYC back in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Sandra already had had a concert in the year 2017 in the New York City which was a big flop and she is not planning to come to NYC anytime soon. She is still missing listening to Sandra Cretu live so much that she is planning to visit Germany herself and her husband is calling her mad for it and that’s the only thing that is stopping her from flying all the way to Germany. Also, she is not sure whether she will sing German or English songs there, she doesn’t understand a word of the German language. She has been watching live concert videos of Sandra Cretu performing English songs all over the world on the Youtube and DailyMotion. She says that no matter what, she will listen to live again at least once before dying.

Kenan’s sister – Kelly enjoyed shopping at the Columbus Circle but found it expensive as well. She normally doesn’t care much about the price much if the quality of the product that she buys is good; her finding Columbus Circle stores expensive really speaks volumes.

The family says that they enjoyed their trip to the NYC so much that no matter whether one of them wins a bet or not again, they are going to fly all over to the NYC again in the winters of this year and they are already very excited about it.

The revenue of her 3 major companies combined could never give her the happiness that winning 40, 000 Thai Bahts did

Nada Anusorn is a very shrewd spender. She always buys used Toyota, Isuzu or Honda so that she can buy parts for her cars at the nearby salvage yard. Nada says that one of the ways to know that the engine of your car is about to break down is when it starts making a peculiar funny noise.

I don’t know whether after reading about the above mentioned stuff you are going to believe that Nada is an extremely successful businesswoman who owns three different companies. One of Nada’s companies exports diesel engines, water pumps, fire fighting pump sets, centrifrugal pump sets, pressure booster pumps, industrial valves, multistage pumps and submersible pumps, second company of Nada manufactures and exports PATA and USB while the third one wholesales flash solutions and memory cards.

Nada is not that beautiful and she is one example of the fact that no matter how successful a Thai woman is, it is not easy for to get an eligible groom if she is not a beauty. Nada wasted hundreds of thousands of Thai Bahts on Matchmaking websites and real life independent matchmakers only to come to the conclusion that most matchmakers nowadays are scammers.

Nada says that she has witnessed some major negative changes in each of her company since the dawn of the financial year 2019. She really hopes that the things will get better soon enough.

Nada recently enjoyed a trip to New York and she loved visiting the American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo, The Cyclone, The Met, One World Observatory, Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Grand Central Terminal, Staten Island Ferry, Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Nada still dreams about walking up the stairs of Vessel in the Hudson Yards.

Last Monday, Nada won 40, 000 Thai Bahts betting on this website – ทางเข้า lsm99

Hobbyist journo is a creative engineer and a master better who is blessed to have a great husband and a great son along with the most trusted Domino QQ websites

Nicole Boucher is a hobbyist freelance journalist who claims that a group of Jamaican drug lords has been importing guns made in the Balochistan State to the United States and selling it all over the USA re-badged as “Made in USA”.

Nicole claims that these ‘Made in Balochistan’ are extremely dangerous for both the shooter and the victim and these guns are being sold illegally as well.

Nicole is an engineer by profession and she has been working as a senior mechanical engineer for the Ford for over past 11 years. Currently, she has also been working on building a Quadricycle which she claims will run on milk. Nicole is open about the fact that the Quadricylce that she is busy building will not be able to perform so well, the maximum speed that the vehicle will be able to reach is 35 Square Miles per hour, but Nicole claims that it will cost only milk worth 50 cent to drive it 50 miles. It will have a seating capacity of only 3 – two adults and one child.

Nicole is a great big fan of the Isuzu SUVs and she says that it is a shame that Isuzu doesn’t try much hard to promote their vehicles. From the Isuzu Trooper to Isuzu D’Max, Nicole loves it all and last year on her husband – Jordi’s birthday, she gifted him a Isuzu MU-X with the money she won betting on QQ Domino over a span of 3 years.

Jordi owns a company that manufactures LPI Armature Bag Closer Machine Motor and Armature Bag Closer Machine Motor.

Jordi is trained in martial arts and he is very keen to teach his 3 year old the art of Nunchucks inspired by Ryusei Imai of Japan, and as much as Jordi is keen to teach his little on the art of Nunchucks, he is that much eager to learn it.